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Code::Blocks implements a custom build system with very important features: ultra-fast dependencies generation, build queues and parallel builds are the most important ones to mention. Debugging The debugging subsystem has been greatly enhanced in the latest version. List of Top Ten College Mini Projects in c/c++ with full ... i need a code in 'c' for the student and admin both. where choice is asked , about your identity whether u r a student or admin. If u r admin then type your name and password and if password is correct then u can update,search,delete,modify,enter details of students. Mini project snake game in c | Code in code::blocks "windows.h header file" is missing in my c software and c software is emulated c++ which is compatible with window7 any one could please help me to solve this problem How to Build and Run a Code::Blocks Programming Project in C Building a project is only half the job. The other half is running the project, which means executing the completed program from within the IDE.,_Code::Blocks_and_Allegro_5